Mari Kuroyama, MD

~Visionary Tattooing Ritual~


Mari Kuroyama is a self taught visionary artist from the Northeast of Brazil. Drawing since childhood, painting for over 20 yrs and tattooing for 14, Mari's works, both on the skin and on other surfaces, speak to the feminine's soul and its intrinsic nature, the spirit, the collective unconscious, the awakening to the vital connection between the Earth and the cosmos, the strength of softness, the sacred. She sees art as a healing practice for the human spirit, and a pure expression of each soul. She has traveled the world tattooing, from Nepal and India to Europe and Usa, and has participated on many Tattoo Expos in Sao Paulo and NY. Currently living in Sao Paulo, her bookings are closed and she works with a waiting list, forecast 2022. Mari also believes in the power of cooperation over competition and is a fierce intersectional feminist. She is co-founder of the female only tattoo collective called As Tattooistas (The Female Tattooists) - a group that came together to oppose patriarchal conditionings in the Brazilian tattoo community. Mari is also an Indigenous Peoples rights activist, in honor of the tattoo ancestry, coming from original peoples around the world.

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Elizabeth Wood

~The Quantum Impact of Your Creativity~


Quantum and Galactic Anthropologist Elizabeth Wood bridges scientific and spiritual concepts to help people all over the world. Her theories, practices and techniques support people to heal and find sovereignty. She shares practical tools and profound ideas meant to cultivate compassionate culture.

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Cat Dillon, RHN

~Authentic Nutrition~


Cat Dillon - RHN (Registered Holistic Nutritionist), Professional Chef, and Certified Transformational Wellness Coach, and her specialized understanding of food-and-mood has guided her design of her personalized approach system: The "Nourish 360" Program.

She walks side-by-side with her guests towards successful transformations, using her empowering nutrition and self-care program to offer energy, focus, and well-being for life

Cat focuses on alignment and wellness for mental health concerns using food, gentle motivation + education for her clients, embracing all levels of change, and encouraging familiarity with the innate wisdom within one’s own body. 

She teaches the art of listening to the inner self, empowering everyone to help facilitate their own healing.

Using food as her first line of healing, she has guided clients from Vancouver to San Diego through the waters of digestive difficulties, food intolerance, anxiety/depression, insomnia, food cravings, weight loss resistance, metabolic disorders, allergies, hormone and immune system imbalances.

Cat operates her private practice in beautiful Encinitas CA where she resides with her husband and two rescue dogs, Mochi (a Miniature Schnauzer) and Minnie (a Dachshund/Min Pin).

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